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Here are Two different makes of “high quality Hair Dressing scissors” arguably the best hairdressing scissor available for the serious cutter and they are just two of many that are exclusively available from A Sharper Blade.

There are many people in this world that believe that giving a haircut is a simple procedure. These people believe that with a basic set of clippers and a few scissor snips here and there, that this is all it takes. However those who are familiar with cutting hair understand that it takes more than that. The key to a good haircut is actually a nice pair of hair scissors, a steady hand and quite a bit of patience.

A major key to giving a good haircut is having the right pair of scissors. A basic set of scissors to the untrained eye may appear just that..............the truth is that they are much more complex. 

A stylist needs to take lot of time and research into finding the right pair of scissors and beware of the cheaper low cost Cast Steel Scissors available on the worldwide market today........... this type of Steel will undermine your ability to cut hair, as will a steel grade that is beneath your level of cutting experience.

Stylists should look for a pair of hair scissors that they are not only comfortable with, but ones that are functional and will be suited for the type of cut that they need done. If the scissors are too large for the stylist’s hand, they will have a hard time working with them and vice versa.  Also, if the edges are incorrect for the type of cut they want to perform, they won’t work like they should.

You should only purchase the main tool of your trade, from a Scissor Manufacture, or Manufactured trained Specialist Sharpener/ Scissor Agent...............do not use a sales orientated person who will sell you a Scissor, Hair Dryer, Wet Products and all the other items used in the Salon...........convenient  I know...........but you may make a huge,  Expensive and Non-Refundable mistake.

This type of person will not understand the important facts in a scissor, ie:

·     Steel Types and the different elements used to make that steel and why they use these elements.

·     The process the steel goes through to become stronger and longer lasting. 

·     The edges available and the angle used to perform a particular cut the stylist want to achieve.

·     The regular maintenance process needed to keep that scissor cutting for longer periods of time between sharpening’s, nor the whole sharpening process.

They will however understand fully "Profit Margins" and "Sales Targets".

Additionally, the hair scissors must be sharpened. Trying to cut hair with a dull blade will cause a bad result in which the hair appears as though it has been chiselled. This will also produce an uneven hair cut that will disappoint the customer.

The truth is............that the right hair scissors are the most important part of the haircut. It does not matter how good the stylist is. If they are working with the wrong pair of scissors or the wrong edge type, it will be a haircut disaster. Additionally, clippers just can't achieve the look that hair scissors can. This is why it is so important to find a suitable, functional pair of hair scissors like this ones in the pictures below.

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Photo 1: is the Fuji - President.

Photo 2: is the Hikari - Ryu Cosmos.