A Sharper Blade | Scissor Sharpening


A Sharper Blade offers a full range of sharpening services for your scissors and knives


A Sharper Blade is the only "Excellent Edges endorsed" and backed sharpener in New Zealand

(we do not offer a mobile sharpen)

Our training tells us you cannot sharpen to the same level as a Manufacturer Trained Sharpener in the back of a van. 
The machinery used at A Sharper Blade mimics the exact same machinery used by Excellent Edges to manufacture their scissors. 

We supply loan scissors for all Wellington clients while servicing your scissors.

From $65.00


I offer:

Pickup and Delivery for Wellington customers only.

Nationwide Clients can Courier or Post them along with the payment.  
Parts not included in the above pricing.
free Nationwide return courier delivery, for all service work received thru our mail box.

There is an additional charge for all serrations: 
Full serration $85.00 (including the price of a sharpen)

(all prices include GST)

 Please send to:
Greg Piper
C/- A Sharper Blade Ltd
PO Box 45024
Lower Hutt 5042

All sharpening service work received
will be worked on and returned to you
within 48 hours of receiving.


 $10.00 for a small knife (up to 100mm)

$15.00 for a large knife (101mm and larger)

 As a contracted knife sharpener for the “King of Knives” Westfield, Lower Hutt for more than 3 years, we have all the machinery and experience necessary to sharpen all types of stainless steel knives including serrated blades.

I also offer a wet stone sharpen and can repair and reshape all knives that have broken tips or hollowed areas in the blade, there is an additional charge for Re-Shaping and Edge Revival of your Knifes blade, normally this is $25 (which includes the sharpening). 
We will always consult you before this work is carried out.

If you have more than 6 items to be serviced be sure to mention this, as we can offer a discount for bulk sharpening workloads. 

Minimum call out is $30.00 however, this fee is waived if your sharpening totals more than $30.00