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- Testimonials -

My name is Bonnie Worsfold and I have just purchased a pair of Stingray and Croc's Scissors about a month ago. I previously had been cutting with a pair of point scissors.
When I was cutting with these incorrect tools, I had to overcompensate to even cut a straight line............It felt like something was wrong with them, like I needed them sharper or something..............something just wasn't right. Greg came along to my salon to show us what his scissors and training could do for us all. I bought my old scissors out and straight away they pointed out why I was having so many problems.
Four weeks later...........I'm cutting away with my scissors. My speed has increased and I am no longer wondering why I can't cut a straight line. The overall outcome of my cuts has improved and my clients can tell the difference.
I would highly recommend you educate yourself on your most important tool in this industry. These people know what they are doing and having these scissors has changed my life as a stylist and how I cut because of this education, along with the passion they so willing share, it has increased my confidence and my outlook on cutting.
Thank You So Much!!!!!

- Bonnie Worsfold
- Vivo Hair and Beauty
- Tory st, Wellington
- Stylist

I was referred to "A Sharper Blade" by a friend. 
I had a very unfortunate mobile sharpening experience and was caught out in desperation (please refer to the "A Sharper Blade" on Facebook post, dated 28th May 2016).
I sent my scissors to Greg for repair..........WOW its not even close to the work that Greg did. 
Not only was he amazing to deal with, Greg was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and dam talented, considering my scissors were totally naffed. He has repaired and sharpened beyond my belief. 
My scissors are again like brand new and I'am doing cutting techniques I haven't been able to achieve for a very long time, also I haven't worried about client or my safety since Greg repaired them. 
You are fabulous A Sharper Blade.........I'm so grateful.
Cheers Di.

- Di Aitken
- Cathy Hair Stylists
- New Plymouth 

What can I say?.......professional, honest, friendly and extremely educated on the complex art of the scissor.
Greg really knows his stuff and better yet cares about his results and his customers. The "A Sharper Blade" scissor course is invaluable and quite honestly A MUST for all hairdressers at any level in their career.
Highly recommend is an understatement............I wouldn't have anyone else touch my tools!

- Kristal Sargent
- La Villa Lower Hutt
- Salon Owner
- NZARH Kitomba "Business Awards Winner"

Wow My scissors are amazing! After having them sharpened/destroyed by a mobile sharpener, I was so happy to send them to "A Sharper Blade" and have them come back like new! Thank you so much, great service, highly recommended!!!

- Charlene Wendon
- Beyond The Fringe
- Blenheim- Stylist

Highly recommended!!!!! :) fast, professional, and thorough service and I Absolutely LOVE my new scissors. Thank you !!!

- Ashleigh
- Haight Ashbury
- Wellington

Wow Greg........fantastic Scissor Sharpen, Balance and fix all ! Just like using a brand new pair. You are a legend !
Thanks so much.

- Lindsey Hastie
- Salon Sereniti
- Lower Hutt

It's one thing to be sold awesome scissors, but it's a whole other thing when they are sold to you by a person who wants you to get the best out of them and guides you with your new pair.
Greg's professionalism and care is second to none! I appreciate your time that you spent with me to get the right scissor for me in a price range I can afford. I love them and will return to you for all my tool needs.
Thank you!

- Pepa Faulkner
- UK Hair
- Upper Hutt
- Stylist

A big Thank You to you Greg!!!
You did an amazing job on my scissors! 
This is the first time I've had them sharpened and when they came back they felt like they actually had improved from new............they are awesome!
Amazing craftsmanship and I look forward to doing business with you, for many years to come :)

- Maria Hiotakis
- S + M Hair Co Lower Hutt, Wellington
- Salon Owner

Thank you Greg for your amazing service! Love my new scissors! Both pairs are exactly what I wanted, thanks to your professional advise. Also a great sharpening job done on my originals! 
Love the new raw bevel edge on them. 
The team a all saving up to make the investment! 
Also my leather pouch is suburb!

- Leanne Yendell-Ross
- Salon Owner
- Addiction Hair
- Whangarei 

Its highly recommend that every Hairdresser attends the "A Sharper Blade" Scissor Workshops.................whether you have had 2 years experience or 20, we all learnt more than any of the other brands cutting 'shows' put together.
They offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of the scissor!!!

- Lisa
- The Powder Room
- Wellington
- Salon Owner

Hi ya Greg, We received the scissors back yesterday – thanks so much for the quick turn around.
My scissors are like brand new and the care and thorough job you have done is fantastic – awesome to have the written report on them too!
Will definitely be recommending you and will be in touch again when the time comes.
Thanks Again,

- Jeremy
- Andrews of London
- Auckland- Stylist

What fantastic service! 
Greg has just delivered-three pairs of sharpened and sett corrected scissors (all are past their use by date) and still Greg has resurrected them and included a comprehensive service explanation for each scissor. 
Plus he turned them around in less than 3 days. This is the VERY BEST SERVICE in all my years hairdressing. Thanks Greg..........I'm sure my next clients will love the result too!

- Lyndsay Loveridge
- Business Mentor / Skills
- Ex Salon Owner
- New Plymouth

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for fixing my scissors!! I can't believe it took me so long to find you! Thank you so much!

- Clare McCormick
- Wentworth Hairdressers
- Senior Stylist
- Auckland

“Greg you are amazing!
My scissors have not been the same since I bought them over ten years ago, so whatever you did with them I’m Very Happy, as are my clients hairs!
Your craftsmanship is amazing and am looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come! THANK YOU!:)”

- Maria
- Bob Hair 
- Petone
- Salon Owner

Thank-you Greg, my scissors are awesome!!!!
 I would highly recommend you to all that are after professional service, & quality in sharpening :-) so happy!!!!

- Tash Powell

Hello........... we have just been introduced to "A Sharper Blade" and are very impressed with the service and excellent customer relations that they supply.
We look forward to using their sharpening services again

- Pamela Vandergulik

Just got my new Thinning scissors from Greg, amazing quick and friendly service and they are perfect !!
They even came with a Scissors Case, Finger Inserts and Scissor Oil too.
Thanks again Greg !!!! Highly recommended

- Hope Howchow
- Jomp Hair
- Kapiti

Thank you Greg, Sue and RJ.........I loved the workshop and really wish I had done it a few days before the comps. Thoroughly enjoyed it all
I'm loving my new "Stingrays" and can't wait to get the Marlins and the Sharks..........Thanks Greg for doing an awesome job in sharpening my scissors and thinning scissors, they are both fab.

- Angela Enoka
- Lifestyle Hair
- Kapiti

Had the most amazing day yesterday with u both, it truly was mind blowing the information that Roelie and I received from coming to your Cutting / Scissor course.
It such a great thing to have been with such passionate people that truly care about our industry as hairdressers.
Thanks for calling out today that was so cool, another thing..........for any hairdresser out their reading this, these guys truly know their stuff, no pressure to buy they just telling us what they know and how to use our tools correctly, what they are for and what they are made of..........I could go on, but ya’s get my drift!  

- Jane King
- Salon Owner
- Evolve Hair Design
- Southland

Just want to say the biggest thank you to Greg and Sue for giving up there time last night to show me there wonderful scissor range.
They are WICKED, AMAZING, I love them so much...........Can't wait to use my new pair today. So totally inspired.

- Joanna-Leigh Napier
- Salon Owner
- JGB Hair- Christchurch

What a fantastic time we had! Never too old to learn new things!!! Thanks so much for the education. Sincerely appreciate it.
Can't wait to get my hands on my new scissors. Highly recommend this Scissor / Cutting course to any hairstylists, at any level.
Wish I had done this years ago!

- Amanda Tonge
- Salon Owner
- Lower Hutt

Thank you for a great pair of Hair Scissors! Your service is above any other and especially your skill!!! 
I look forward to seeing what “A sharper Blade” evolves into and who with in the future. I Love your guys work!!! Thank you again to you and Sue Edwards for all the amazing training!!!! 
Love from your Hair Voyant xoxo

- Adelle Murry
- Hair Voyant
- Salon Owner
- Wellington

After a thorough explanation of what scissors will be best for me, I am over the moon with my new scissors and the quality of the serve I received! Even got a follow up to make sure all was working well! Very impressed and satisfied!

- Laura Dobson
- Getfunkd
- Stylist
- Wellington

Chloe, Bliss & I attended a cutting course yesterday, hosted by A Sharper Blade Ltd in Invercargill. 
A lot of the techniques we learnt from Sue, just made so much sense! Especially body, hand, & wrist position.
I was blown away being shown the right tools for the job, as some scissors can't physically cut a straight line or a curve, or slice!!!!!!
Priceless............Where were these guys 18 years ago when I was starting out? Hope this old dog can put the new tricks to good use!! 

- Karen Mackay
- Salon Owner
- Do Hair By Karen Mackay
- Invercargill

Greg did an amazing job on my thinners, I bought a pair not knowing what I was going into, I asked for a pair I can always use to slither out the hair. They always pulled and I didn't know why. Greg and his team taught me so much about my scissors I didn't know, and now I take extra good care of them.
Thank you so much! I will not go elsewhere!

- Kerri Cherry
- Senior Stylist
- Rodney Wayne
- New Plymouth 

Greg provides truly bespoke service. He takes careful consideration to give you a variety of scissors that suit you and your needs. It is an absolute pleasure to buy a pair of scissors off you Greg, thank you very much!

- Brixton Cowie
- Willis York Hair
- Stylist
- Wellington

So super stoked. After a hand injury I contacted Greg to see what I could possibly do to help get me back on the floor again. Super happy with the time and effort he put into helping me find a pair of scissors that put my hand in a comfortable position. I have now been using my new pair of scissors for 3 months and finally up to doing 20 hours on the floor. Thank you so much for the time and help to get me back into what I love. Totally recommend.

- Donnelle Nunes
- Stylist
- Auckland

Just received my scissors back from Greg and I am so impressed! They were an old pair that I purchased nearly 10 years ago (and to be honest I had neglected quite badly) and he has made them feel brand new! I was a little apprehensive as the only times I have had scissors sharpened in the past it was just from a mobile scissor guy dropping into the salon and doing them in his van, so posting them in the mail was daunting. The difference however is extremely apparent! Greg was super knowledgeable and even wrote a full report on what he did. I'm never getting them sharpened elsewhere again. Well worth posting them to Wellington! (He was also super quick with sending them back so thank you!)

- Ally Franklin
-Senior Stylist
- Auckland

I have spoken to Greg for more than an hour purely about purchasing a new pair scissors.
His knowledge is extensive and truly makes you feel valued as a hairstylist.
I am trailing scissors in a week or so and I absolutely can't wait! I know that we are going to find the perfect pair for me.

- Liana King- Biddulph
- Moha Hair
- Dunedin

Greg is GREAT! I have found my new scissor guy! He has done an Amazing job on sharpening my scissors, they haven't felt this good to cut with in a long time! I also received them back within 2 days and I live in New Plymouth. Greg also explains everything very well and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you!!!

- Rochelle Cowie
- Rodney Wayne 
-Senior Stylist
- New Plymouth