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Manufacturer: Excellent Edges

Features: Adjustable centre screw A brand new scissor design, which makes it easy texturising hair, in no time!

The Croc is a coarse texturiser with large tooth gaps to allow vertical slide texturising, point cutting and blunt cutting.

Hitachi ATS314 is an extremely strong alloy that allows the very fine Slice and Slide hair cutting edges that are needed.

Designed with 2 finger-rests to be used both ways round for hard line and soft line cutting.

The extremely strong steel makes for greater durability and longer life, even when cutting in dry hair. The scissor has adjustable centre screw.

Available in a 6.0 inch blade.

Also available for the left-handed stylist in a 6.0 inch blade.

Both left and right handed scissors are a 10 tooth channeler / slide texturisers.

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